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Our Weaves


Of the various techniques used in the creation of leather accessories, weaving is one of the most challenging to execute. The weaving of leather is an ancient art form that has been used for a multitude of purposes from constructing sandals to making garments. Even with modern machinery, the craft of weaving leather is still a difficult process that has to be meticulously monitored by a specialized craftsman. Every single weave is designed to specific measurements in order to create patterns of varying intricacies. True to our name, we pride ourselves in creating the most interesting designs that showcase the extent of the craft and how they can be applied to our range of woven leather accessories. Our Debut Collection epitomizes the detail and rigour of the craft as they are realized in a variety of silhouettes that include coin purses, leather card holders and passport covers. Each weave makes the perfect statement of craft for style conscious men and women.


The techniques involved in weaving leather are not only a precise art but also a time consuming process. Despite the use of machinery, woven leather is still heavily dependent on hand made elements. Even before the leather is woven, each strip of leather used in the pattern must be manually cut by hand to identical lengths and proportions. Each strip is hand finished and meticulously inspected, so that the resulting weave creates a seamless pattern and texture.


Besides featuring a variety of weaves in our collection, each accessory also comes in a combination of colours. These vibrant colours can only be achieved with the proper tanning and finishing. Each piece of leather undergoes a natural vegetable tanning process before being dyed and aniline finished to maintain its vibrancy even afterbeing cut, skived and woven. Every skin is then inspected to ensure colour consistency before being sent to be cut into strips for weaving.


Due to the nature of the different types of leather that goes into the making of a Tresse product, material sourcing is a highly integral part of the process before the production process begins. The leather used, comes from all over the globe whilst craftsmen conceive the treatment and development of the leather weaves. We believe that to deliver the best quality, the production of the craft must originate from the source.